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Shirtless | PopSugar - Celebrity Gossip & News
He gets sweaty and seriously shirtless for Flaunt magazine, ... The actor remained shirtless hanging from the side of the boat and filming a fight ... Meanwhile, his dad spent the weekend celebrating a victory for AC Milan with some ... -
Hey Look - It's Matthew McConaughey... Again | Matthew McConaughey ...
Shirtless Robert Pattinson New Moon Poster — Sexy or Not? ... Levi Can't Quite Contain His Pear Excitement From Dad MM 23 Comments .... MM can rock my boat any day of the week and twice on Sunday if he would ... I can watch A Time to Kill over and over.. he was so sexy hot and sweaty in that movie. ... -
PUBLIC MOVES!: Disgracing Jose Rizal
Ysagani was shirtless because he was asked by his priest uncle to help ... whose ectomorphic body structure was sparkling with beads of sweat. .... Silvino, Cecilia, and Ysagani rode on the boat as Anday unties the boat from the port. ... -
Ysagani was shirtless because he was asked by his priest uncle to help the townspeople from digging a ... whose ectomorphic body structure was sparkling with beads of sweat. ... “Kuya Ysagani, let us run already, the boat is waiting.” ... -
Escape from Vietnam :: Life ::
The usual pleasantries were exchanged to demonstrate Dad’s ability to rope this ... Then there had been my three-hour boat tour up the Mekong from Can Tho. ... shirtless young man leapt into our boat to carve me up a pineapple. ... Fellow passengers joined me in a sweaty attack on every corner of my ... -
TVgasm - The O.C.: Seriously, Did Mischa Barton Really Do That?
show opens on gratuitious shots of twenty sweaty, shirtless, muscled men wandering around, ... Besides, isn't he in a boat somewhere in the Pacific? ... Honestly, not every manual laborer is chiselled and shirtless. ... Seth and Luke were hanging out in the kitchen when Luke's dad walked in and ...
Don't Judge Me: Johnny Depp's On That Boat Again
just the tiniest bit of sweat, but not bad sweat...good sweat. ... response to the image of a shirtless sarong-clad Johnny Depp. ...
At Cheeca Lodge « The Underblawg
We pulled up to the dock just as the boat was mooring. ... dock’s metal rigging before he waved to the shirtless man in mirrored sunglasses behind the wheel. ... Dad came over, smelling of sweat and sunblock. “Did you catch anything? ... -
Blessing The Moose - The Boston Globe
From the living room window, chewing meditatively on his pipe, Dad watched me launch a large ... His eyes were fixed on the dive boat and flicked to my face only ... He was shirtless, his thin shoulders and the top of his pale .... and my sweat mingling in the fabric of my black clerical shirt. ...
STIHL TIMBERSPORTS lumberjacks visit Venice, La., for amazing ...
Wynyard once owned a fishing boat with fellow STIHL TIMBERSPORTS competitor ... of me shirtless in a competition," the lean lumberjack said. ... -
Deepest Fear - Lyn Fox - Eclectica Magazine n10n2
An ice-sweating bottle was pressed into my sweat-sweating hand. ... Attempting to board Rob instead, the hapless hound clawed a shirtless swimmer. ... All morning, a lone cloud raced our boat: two parallel ovals crossing azure ... Glaring at him with fire in my eyes, I snapped, "Dad, we never said we'd make it back ... -
PAPERBOYS WINTER - Tim Bowling - Penguin Books
I became aware of the sweat on my brow and under my arms. ... I returned to the Fraser to work as a deckhand on a salmon boat for the next eight years. ...,,9780143012283,00.html
It was a woman’s body writhing back and forth between two shirtless men. .... Sweat beads on his forehead, but only momentarily before it freezes. ... But when he came here in the summers with his dad it was different. ... caught in whiteouts, jumping boat to boat as they sped through schooling Tiger Sharks. ...
Does George W. Need to Get His Ass Kicked?
My dad and I were running errands, cruising through the slushy-wet streets in ... and his elbow hanging out, driving that big boat of a car with one steady hand. ... on — that guy's decision to ride his motorcycle around shirtless like some kind of ... It's not like the movies — it's dirty and sweaty and fumbling. ... -
On a Roll, for Lobster - New York Times
The Novelty, a cruise boat, weaves through moored sailboats and circles the harbor’s ... Shirtless, wearing an orange fishing bib and wire-rimmed glasses, ... rubber boots and Hooters T-shirts sweaty from a day at sea. ...
Funny hunting stories - Forums - Everything
The boat slips just out of reach in chest waders, so the only choice is that one of us will have to swim after it. Dad drew the short stick ...
The OC Files - The Round Table Discussion (11/05/04)
I hadn't seen that many bare-chested, sweaty men since Darkly's bachelor ... We know that Luke's dad is gay. But does that mean he has to ... -
LIVE: The TV Blog
Des sprints on deck to get everyone off the boat and Jin elects to stay. ... A shirtless Sawyer washes up on the beach to a confused and drunken Juliet. .... Kate, sweaty and out of breath, stumbles through the weeds while supposedly ... the lies are to protect everyone who didn't return, including his dad Michael. ... -
Favourite Sawyer topless scene [Archive] -
I really love all scenes that feature Sawyer/Josh shirtless personally. .... almost all his muscles working together and his all sweaty :eh: .... on desmonds boat skate sex i can't believe i forgot to vote post sayid torture ... :drool: The bamboo scene.. ooh, and him talking to Jack about his dad. ... -
Blood on the Chesapeake (
The seaplane carefully sided up to Earl's boat and a young deputy popped open the ... Sweat beaded up on Acree's brow and slipped down his tanned face. ... dock-lined shore, passing a shirtless middle-aged man who is drinking a beer ...

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